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Everything you would expect from a Mediterranean restaurant, Kabob Gyro & Grill embraces the history and variety of the region through its delectable cuisine. Using the freshest ingredients, we create cultural dishes with explosive flavor.

Defining the Mediterranean: Culture, Climate, and Cuisine

The term Mediterranean refers not to a single country, but all of the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. Their shared climate of warm, dry summers and cool, rainy winter lends to a rich agricultural cornucopia of vegetables, grains, and livestock, particularly the "Mediterranean trinity" of wheat, olives, and grapes. Countries belonging to the region include Spain, Greece, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Tunisia, Algeria, and Lybia. Even France and Italy, whose culinary influences have taken on a life of their own here in the United States, are rooted in Mediterranean origin.

Common Elements in Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is typically rich in vegetables, particularly the olive in its many forms. Dairy is prevalent, with many dishes featuring yogurt-based sauces and the distinctive feta cheese. Grains and legumes often comprise traditional meal elements like hummus, falafel, pita, lavash, and rice. Lamb is the most popular meat in the Mediterranean and is featured in many signature dishes, although chicken has become more ubiquitous throughout the area. A diverse blend of seasonings including lemon, dill, cumin, thyme, and cinnamon contribute to a robust finish. The region is also known for its many wines, which can be attributed to its abundance of grapes.


Kabob & Gyro Grill is the only place in town to enjoy an authentic menu of flavorful selections from the region. Call (209) 333-1600 to learn more or visit us today for lunch or dinner.


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