The Health Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

Plate including numerous staples of the Mediterranean Diet The origins of the Mediterranean diet are based on simple fare: the region’s fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, olive oil, and dairy products. By sticking to those healthy staples, people can find a well-balanced diet. Consider the following health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

Help Prevent Heart Disease and Strokes

Mediterranean meals don’t feature many of the items in the traditional American diet known to cause heart disease and strokes. Without much red meat, refined bread, and processed food in general, the risk factors for those two conditions go down significantly. Pairing these foods with red wine has also been shown to help prevent heart disease.

Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

By improving cholesterol, blood sugar content, and overall blood vessel health, a Mediterranean diet may reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease or experiencing dementia at advanced stages of aging.

Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes and Inflammation

By consuming a diet of foods high in fiber, digestion is slowed, blood sugar maintains a stable level, and it becomes easier to keep pounds off and stay around a healthy weight. Coupling with that, a diet of Mediterranean meals has been shown to reduce inflammation that can lead to muscle weakness and arthritis by more than 70%.

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